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Slamming lockers?   
11:27pm 22/04/2005
mood: confused
All right everyone...I just got done watching this horror movie called "Devils Backbone" subtitled but it is so worth seeing .... Anyways I got online afterwards and typed a google search for "haunted michigan" Chelsea comes up three times. Here is what it says...I am omitting the hospital because thats kind of moot. Its a hospital..people die..if there are ghost yeah I could see that they would be in a hospital, but here are the other two and they leave me very confused.

"Chelsea - Beach Middle School - Reports that lockers slam when no ones there and in the girls bathroom you here the toilets flush and whispers heard and behind the stage you can feel an odd presents in there when your alone."

"Chelsea - Pink Palace - The foundation of the house is still there. They say at night the house reappears. Also at the back of the house, there are slave house's and old barn which are said to be haunted."

First of all...what the heck is Pink Palace? and my history might be a little rusty but i didn't think there were slaves in Michigan. Secondly Beach?! I know i never had the opportunity to go to Beach except to pick up my little brother but I never got any ominous feelings about the place.

So mostly everyone who reads this is from chelsea...so help me out....is beach middle haunted? And what the heck is pink palace?


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If it's worth the made up smiles...the quiet fights   
04:10pm 19/04/2005
mood: grumpy
God my life seems so monotonous. Work...sleep...possibly eat...work...sleep...and on and on and on. One of these days I am going to do something exciting. Maybe tomorrow I will brush my teeth before I shower instead of after...*sigh*. O well.

I went home early from work today from a horrid case of hives...well I think they were hives...either that or I was just scratching to hard. Either way I got to go home early. Came home. Fell asleep on the couch. Woke up to Carla sitting on me !?!?!. After scraping the crud from my eyes I took Carla up to Cingular to get a new phone. Then like everyone else she got sick of me and left. < side note: sitting here updating and yahoo has just told me I have a new email.....PORN!!!! What the heck is the point of spam blocker if it doesnt block all the spam? > Anyways yeah Cala left me and I figured that there were two options for me; I could either fall back asleep or lay naked on the floor spritzing myself with my spray bottle. I opted for the latter of the two.

After getting off the floor and seeing a BIG dry imprint of myself on the carpet I became depressed at my lack of entertainment....I decided to make some dinner to ease my woes. Wheat free pasta *yumm/gag*....ended up burning the sauce so I had gross noodles with blackened sauce *gag*

Also Julie Fox my hairstylist called me to tell me that the appointment that I made over two weeks ago had to be cancelled because she was going to take the rest of the day off . So now I get to walk around looking like a fat Napolean Dynomite until Friday...but she'll probably reschedule it...That does after all seems to be all the rage these days.

Back to the monotony


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We were chasing rabbits on the hill, we never saw no rabbits out there, ever, no, not once   
01:36pm 16/04/2005
mood: chipper
I thought I would update my journal so that everyone could know what was going on.

So I am still working at colorbok but I have been trying to get a new job in the customer service field. I am still living in Ypsilanti, in the same apartment with the same roommate and everything is still great on that front. I still drive that shitty mini van which lately has been being a bitch. I just had to replace the brake lines AGAIN, had to replace the oil cylinoid (what ever that is), found out I have to fix the cv shaft and boots which is like 500$...so yeah yuck.

Me though...I'm fine. I am still single, and of course there is still weirdness in whether or not Ben and I are seeing each other....he seems to think yeah....me..no. I had to get a lower GI operation to see if I had a digestive problem, which really sucked. Everything came back clear meaning that I am just suffering from Irratable Bowel Sydrome. So being a person with IBS they started paying me 20$ for my blood for research. While playing around with my blood they found that it came back positive for Celiac Disease. Yuck. For those who don't know what Celiac Disease is (I had never heard of it) its where your body can't process gluten which is found in oats, and wheats and barley. So whenever I eat wheat I get the cramps and dehydration and eventually after it rips apart my intestines bad enough (which they think is what has been happening) it could cause cancer. So I now get to go in for an Upper GI where they will shove a tube down my throat, through my tummy, and into my intestines to cut some Drew chunks out to make sure that I definately have the Celiac whatever. Hopefully I don't though cause that means that I can't have anything made with white flour or wheat flour...so no bread...no pasta..nothing with wheat...or barley...or oats...and that would FUCKING SUCK!!!!!!! But I am being optimistic and saying that I don't have it and eating all the wheat that I want...until they tell me whether I have it or not.

Other than that....my dad. hmmmm.... He decided to send David and I a xmas present....hadn't heard from him in like 6 years and then all of a sudden...then earlier this week he called me. Conversation went like this. "hello" .."Andrew?".."Yeah"..."Hello son"... "huh...who is this?"..."um your dad....Fred" ~CLICK~
Then I called my uncle...seeing as he was the only one who could of given him my number and he said that he had...and I told him to tell my dad the next time that he talked to him that if he wants to email me I will talk to him but other than that I will not talk to him on the phone.........

So thats whats new with me. I am going to start trying to update more often....but knowing me ....I wont.....

Thats it for now.


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my name game   
02:26pm 14/04/2005

Andrew Joseph Benoit's Aliases

Your movie star name: Cheeze-it James

Your fashion designer name is Andrew Vatican

Your socialite name is Willy New Orleans

Your fly girl / guy name is A Ben

Your detective name is Skunk Chelsea

Your barfly name is Fried Rice Bahama Mama

Your soap opera name is Joseph Vaughn

Your rock star name is Take 5 Zebra

Your star wars name is Andboo Bensha

Your punk rock band name is The Euphoric Dildo


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i'm in the mood to lose my way   
02:52am 28/11/2004
mood: ditzy
Wow over a month this time for an update....its late and i cant sleep so i decided to update

So hmmmm....I dont really have much to update on. Me and trae took a mini vacation to Henry ford estate and the pictures are now up on my poorly recreated webpage. I really didnt have time to update but eh.

So I went up to Central the weekend of the 12th to see my friends and we all went to see chipendales and it was hotttttt....it was at the casino so obviously i ended up gambling....
I ended up losing too...a total of 40$ ahhhhhhhhhhhh... i thought you were supposed to win money at the casinos....

So i am on thanksgiving break and omg i have got so fat...on wednesday my work had a feast and i had tried my pants on that i was going to wear on thursday and they totally fit but by the time that thursday rolled around they didnt...so no corduroy for drew :(

It was a nice thanksgiving...I spent it with Traes family cause mine decided they were going to fly down to Costa Rica and spend it there :( bitches....o well

So also these past weekends have been spent seeing my sister...my stepmom is totally taking advantage of the fact that we only live like ten minutes apart...and its really pissing me off because she is so irresponsible....she sits there and complains about not working but then says that she cant work cause of her back problems and she cant take her back medication because they cause her to gain weight and that her family has a problem with obesity and she just couldnt live with being fat....i just want to slap her and say bitch you got a kid and your already a cow take your damn meds and go to fucking work you dumb whore...but being the compassionate person i am i dont and just take it like a little bitch.

My stepmom thinks im going to take her and my sister to see the incredibles...um bitch i aint made of money...back the fuck up....

wow sorry for the vulgarity of this entry i just watched a very religious movie and this always happens when i have a little jesus in me....

anyways if i think of anything else ill update here is the link for my page though http://www.geocities.com/drewjsph02/Home2.html


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Prozac, Probes, and Benafiber   
04:02pm 26/10/2004
mood: annoyed

I went to the Doctors on Monday. Again I had my very very hot hot doctor (Dr. B). We went back over my symptoms and then my family history of cancer and he determined that he wasn't as certain that I had Gall Stones. He told me that I could possibly have three different ailments. 1) Gall stones 2) Inflamitaory Bowel Syndrom and 3) Irritable Bowel Syndrom. He also told me he wanted to rule out hemeroids. ||GREAT|| I thought....21 with hemeroids....argh. So he left the room and I had to undress from the waist down....

He came back in and I had to lay on the table while he shoved a small camera in my behind. Ok!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!! The first time that I have a hot guy back there in six months and this is that I get?!?! A camera in the ass!?!?! AHHHHHHH... the horror....

I couldnt help but snicker while he was back there though...he would comment like ... Ok this might hurt a little...and of course im thinking.... Um no it wont.... the whole time trying not to crack up...

So after I was violated the doctor told me that he wanted me to take Benafiber just to make sure that it wasnt a lack of fiber and then he wants me to take prozac for depression...then he wants to see me in December.... so yeah...joy

talk to yall later


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